Sunday, February 22, 2009

Body Part Conversations

Disclaimer: This entry has some graphic details unsuitable for those not comfortable with body part names.

There's been a lot of interest lately in body parts. In particular, Owen has been very interested in penis talk. Who has a penis exactly?

Owen: "Mommy have a penis?"
Mommy: "No"
O: "Mommy have a 'gina."
M: "Yes"
O: "Daddy have a penis?"
M: "Yes"

Sometimes we review who is a girl and who is a boy...Aunt Ginny? 'Gina. Uncle Bob? Penis. Greta? Booty (of course). Spencer? Penis. Pop Pop? Beard.

By the way, this makes for great dinner conversation when we have friends over. Especially when Owen decides to SHOW everyone his penis. Ah, to be 2 again.

Sunday Mornings

Typical Sunday morning...
1. Help Mommy juice oranges for orange juice
2. Help Daddy make buttermilk waffles
3. Specifically, beat the egg whites
4. Daddy checks to make sure that the egg whites are done! AHHHHH!
5. EAT yummy breakfast

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Everyone Poops

Well, everyone poops, but not everyone has managed to poop on a potty. Owen still prefers diapers, although we have a lot of quality potty time with no results. All in his own time...

Thanks to Aunt Ginny, Uncle Bob, Spencer and Greta for this hand-me-down book. We've read it dozens and dozens of times! Good literature for all occasions.

Piano Man

Owen was playing some songs from the "kids book" today, including some original songs and to follow soon.

Snuggly Bedtime Boy

Friday, February 6, 2009

Uncle D and Owen the Dog

Disclaimer: This was all Owen's idea!

An example of Uncle Danny's influence:

Owen: Please!

Mommy: Please what?

O: Please! Me go to Chicago RIGHT NOW!

Uncle D and Erin...

...playing in the snow!

Owen and Frosty

Our first family-built snowman...with dried cherries for eyes. Complete with a Mama scarf and a Daddy hat. What fun!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Perfecting the Pouty Face

Owen enjoys posing for the camera...

Finger Painting


If you can't find Owen playing with his trains, then he's probably cooking with Daddy!

Thanks to Aunt Abby for the "Generation Green" shirt! After this picture, it's more like Generation Green...and Chocolate.

Naked Baby

Over Christmas, Owen found the picture of the Varner/Turner girls in their diapers. He was playing quietly in the living room, and when we next found him, he had taken off all his clothes. "Me be a naked baby like these girls!"