Friday, January 29, 2010


Every firefighter needs a rest and a trusty blankie after a hard day at work...


Every Saturday morning that we are all home is officially "Blueberry Pancake Saturday" (as many of you know). The boys have this awesome Daddy who makes custom pancakes every weekend, and he's really cultivated quite a talent!

All pancake shapes are made on request, so you can be assured that Owen REQUESTED the underwear pancake. It's not just one more lame attempt to get him to actually wear underwear. All in his own time (which, by his calculations, is in about 15 years).

Besides being a compassionate, loving and extremely patient man, Jed also builds the coolest train tracks in town. I myself have just recently perfected the circle, so to me this looks like the Eiffel Tower of Thomas the Tank Engine.

8 Months Old!

I believe the word you are searching for is...trouble.
(I mean, crawling behind the Christmas tree with easy access to extension cords, blinds and heating vents. Where's the harm in that?)

Sorry Baby J. This one was too cute to leave off the blog.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Owen has been pretty obsessed with volcanoes for the last few days.  So obsessed he's been dreaming about them.  Of course, being Owen, he didn't dream about volcanoes in general.

Daddy: What did you dream about?
Owen: I dreamed about the 1816 volcano. (Mt. Tambora)

The conversation was then peppered with a conversation about lava, magma, etc. Not bad for 5:15AM!

We've been using some great kids books about volcanoes, but a great help has been fabulous youtube clips of active volcanoes.  So cool! An added benefit of parenting in the 21st century!