Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby Shower

My amazing sister graciously threw me a baby shower this weekend. Thank you, Ginny! We had a "book theme," and we now have more amazing children's books for the boys. Decorations were courtesy of Greta, and if you look closely, you'll see a miniature illustration of "Dinosaur's Binkit" by Sandra Boynton. A must have book for any parent. 

Beauty and the Beast

Owen sat through three full performances of Beauty and the Beast, and his favorite song was "Be Our Guest." He came home singing it every night. We thought we'd get one picture for the scrapbook, but he was not too pleased about having his picture with Lumiere. 

Owen is still quoting lines from the show. His favorite is when Gaston steals the book from Belle and says, "How can you read this book? There aren't any pictures!" Every once in a while, Owen will be in the middle of a book and say, "There are no pictures!"

If you ask Owen, he's pretty sure that the beast was actually a dinosaur before the smoke came and turned him into a "magic prince."

Savvy Dresser

What can I say? He gets his fashion sense

Best Buds

Owen loves nothing better than hanging out with his cousins, and Greta has a special place in Owen's heart. A few weeks ago, Owen announced, "Greta is my sweetie-pie and I'm Greta's sweetie-pie!" And when I ask him what he wants to think of before bedtime to dream happy dreams, he usually says, "Greta."

Greta is a budding author, and she recently wrote and illustrated a special book just for the new baby! What an awesome niece...