Monday, June 30, 2008

Michigan Cherry Jam

We got a flat of Michigan tart cherries at Eastern Market on Saturday, and Jed has been very busy making cherry jam. Lucky for us, we have Owen to do some taste testing. The best part about the wonderful jam that Jed makes is that we get to taste summer all year long!


Like father, like son...Sunday morning reading the New York Times.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


This is my first post to the new Scott Family blog -- I expect that I'll be less prolific than my amazing wife...but I'll try to share often!

I wanted to write a little bit about Owen's letters. He got a Magna-Doodle from his Cousin John and John's parents for his birthday, which has been a blast! And recently, we've been having a lot of fun writing letters on it. Owen already knew "O," which he uses for the letter, and for anything that is circular. When he's spinning around, he's doing O's, or when he's whisking our pancake batter on Saturday mornings, he's making O's.

Anyhow, since we started last week on the magna-doodle, he's added A,B,D,E and M. And we're continuing to add more. It's amazing to watch this little sponge just soak up whatever there is around him and incorporate it into his knowledge (as an example, he learned the ASL sign for "help" and used it correctly without our input -- just from watching Steve use it in Blues Clues.). We just love watching him learn and grow.

His favorite letter right now is "B" -- not surprising with all the B words that he knows and loves -- so here's a picture of him with a B. Imagine me asking, "Owen, what letter is this?" And him looking up and shouting "Beeeeeeeeeee!"


Eastern Market

Almost every Saturday morning, you'll find us shopping at Detroit's Eastern Market, a farmer's market that has been in the same location since 1891. The whole thing covers 43 acres, and farmers come from all around Michigan bringing fresh produce. This picture is in front of the stand where we buy our eggs and potatoes.

"Stop that this instant!"

I swear that this picture was totally unprompted...Owen had no idea that I just wrote about this very game! Yet, here we are, in the car and he starts a rousing game of "Stop that this instant!" I especially love the look in his eyes when he's up to no good. Daddy calls this "Stop that this instant!" x 2


Owen's blanket is affectionately called his "Bubba," and he has three main ones that are interchangeable. We love making "bubba" piles and snuggling together. We just got the softest blanket I've ever felt for our bed (Brookstone Nap blanket...the queen size blanket is 50% off right now on Amazon!). This morning we made a "Bubba" pile on the biggest "Bubba" of them all and had a good snuggle. Notice Owen's pirate jammies (thank you Aunt Abby and Grandma Queen!).
A word about books...I just read Joelle's comment on the David Shannon books. It seems like No, David! would give kids the wrong ideas, but Owen just thinks it's all hilarious. Especially the page where David sticks his finger up his nose ("Stop that this instant!"). We have to spend a while on that page, while Owen slyly sticks his finger up his nose and then I say, "Stop that this instant!" It's a fun game.

Also, in response to Abby's comment...the cutest thing in Go, Dog, Go is when you ask Owen, "Where are those cars going so fast?" and he says "Costco!" He came up with that all on his own, probably because he loves taking trips to Costco with his Grandma Queen and Pop Pop!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Cousin Spencer

We didn't get any good pictures of Owen and Spencer from our overnight last night, but this one was taken over Memorial Day weekend. Let me just say that Owen idolizes Spencer and wants to do everything that he does. He asked for Spencer as soon as he woke up this morning and the two of them had such a great time playing yesterday and today. In this picture, Spencer was looking up YouTube clips of Blues Clues and Thomas the Train so they could watch together.

Grand Rapids Trip

Yesterday we drove to Grand Rapids to stay with Grandma Brooks, Grandpa Doug and cousin Spencer for the night. Grandma bought a new Radio Flyer scooter for Owen, so Daddy and Spencer helped put it together.
Time to take the new scooter for a spin!
We went down to the Rockford Dam and had ice cream after dinner. Owen and Grandma Brooks had a good time on our walk across the dam!
Today we went to Kalamazoo on the way home to visit the WMU Vocal Jazz camp (one of Mandy's Grosse Pointe North students is attending the camp this week). We stopped for a while to look at the fountains outside of Dalton Center.
Owen slept most of the way home after having so much fun visiting everyone. Check out the beautiful knit sweater that Grandma Brooks made for Owen!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reading Recommendations

Owen's top 5 books in June:
1) Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Williams
2) Good Boy, Fergus by David Shannon
3) No, David! by David Shannon
4) How Do Dinousaurs Say Goodnight by Jane Yolen
5) Go, Dog, Go! by Philip Eastman

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Big Boy Bed

For Owen's 2nd birthday (June 15), we upgraded him to a big boy bed. As with most things, he was easygoing about the change and excited to have the space to stretch out. This picture was taken on his birthday during his first nap time on the new bed...

Doing the Dishes

We're getting Owen started early on household chores...actually, he just loves to help out. Doing the dishes is a new favorite.

Picnic at the Park

We are making the most of summer vacation...yesterday we had a picnic lunch at the park. It was a beautiful day!

Thank You Grandpa Tim and Grandma Lynne

Grandpa Tim and Grandma Lynne are on a cruise visiting Helsinki, Oslo and many other wonderful places! We hope you are having a wonderful time. Thank you for the ball toy!

Owen's Favorite YouTube video

Cooking with Daddy

Another new hobby of Owen's is cooking...his favorite is making chocolate chip cookies with Daddy. Sometimes during the stirring, you have to stop and taste the chocolate chips! One of Owen's first rules is that everyone must be wearing their apron, even if they're not cooking in the kitchen. If Owen's cooking, it must be family apron time!


Owen's newest obsession is drumming. It all started at the outdoor AcaFella concert in June, when one of the students brought his snare drum and cymbal. Every day Owen asks to "boom, boom, pshhh" with his wooden spoons and pots and pans!