Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Some of our latest pictures of Julian. He's getting more adorable every day!

Earthkeeper Farm (Continued)

Week 1 share included strawberries (not pictured), bok choy, kale, garlic scapes, spicy mix lettuce, purple lettuce, arugula and cilantro. We're splitting the CSA with Ginny and the family, so every week we lay it all out and divide it up between us.

I'm sad to report that these adorable pigs are named Patty and Link. You get the idea.

Week 2 share included cherries, strawberries, bok choy, kale, dill, snow peas, and more lettuce. The peonies were from the Farmer's Market (aren't they beautiful?!).

Earthkeeper Farm

Earthkeeper Farm is a local organic farm, and we've recently purchased a share in their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). This means that we get a box every Saturday at the Farmer's Market that has goodies from their latest harvest. Rachelle and Andrew are the farmers, and they invited us out to see the farm this past week. Part of our agreement in the CSA is that we will work 8 hours on the farm sometime between now and October. We look forward to spending some time lending a hand!

Visit Earthkeeper on the web!



We can come out any time and cut fresh flowers! This is Rachelle (she's expecting and due in September).

They have a few animals just for fun, and Owen got to feed the sheep.

The best part for Owen was getting to sit on Andrew's tractor!


Owen and Jed have been strawberry picking (well, mostly Jed). Here are the stats:

44 pounds of strawberries picked
2 gallons of jam made by Jed (Strawberry, Strawberry Rhubarb and Strawberry Preserves)
25 pounds of strawberries frozen and bagged for smoothies

Oh my!

Hess Lake

We had a lovely visit up at Hess Lake this past weekend. Brings back childhood memories for me since I used to spend lots of time at the cottage water skiing, swimming and eating Double Chocolate Almond ice cream when I was a kid!

Owen's first swim in Hess Lake...lounging the day away. Later on in the day, he tucked himself in for a nap in the back room. Just like I used to do!

Aunt Donna and Uncle Dale live right next door to Grandma, so we had a nice time seeing everyone.

Mama Midwife

I had my six week check up with our midwife, Gail, this week (Owen calls her the "Mama Midwife"), and the whole family went along. We'll miss seeing her as often as we have been. Owen especially, since he gets chocolate at every visit!

Summer Fun with Greta

Owen is so lucky to have Greta and Spencer so close. They love to play with him, and they are SO good with him.

Swimming with Daddy

There's a great little park near our house, and we've started going over in the mornings to let Owen swim. Looks like they're having fun, doesn't it?

Owen's Dream Come True

The greatest gift for Owen...

Bob invited us to Star of the Sea, where he teaches elementary band during the school year. He let Owen play any instrument in the room, but the best of all was the DRUMS! He was in heaven and played for nearly an hour.


Does it get much cuter than this? Owen and Lucinda having a snack together.

Oh, how we miss Cheryl and Bob!

Bob took some convincing to hold Julian, but of course, they took to each other right away!

Grosse Pointe Visit

Grandma Queen reading to Owen and Parker.

See this beautiful woman? This is Aunt Kristen the amazing photographer...check out her pictures at www.kristenscottphoto.com.

Julian is weighing in at nearly 13 pounds lately!

(Sniff, sniff) A sad picture indeed. This is Owen and Pop Pop saying goodbye to the BMW on Father's Day. The neighbors bought the car, so it will never be far away. Still, it was a hard morning for Pop Pop, especially since Owen suddenly expressed a keen interest in knowing everything about the yellow car!

Aunt Abby and Potty Time

Abby, Jeff and John came to spend the night for the birthday weekend. There was quite a lot of potty talk going on...

Aunt Abby and Julian meeting for the first time.

John and Owen playing with the awesome tool set that was a birthday present from Aunt Abby and Uncle Jeff.

More potty time. Always bring a good book!

Happy Birthday (Continued...)

Birthday Buddies! John calls Owen "Bubby," and Owen thinks that's pretty cool.

The whole party gang in a self-timed picture. You can see that Owen is excited to see how the picture turned out. He's kind of an expert on the self-timer thanks to Aunt Ginny. Also, I can't explain why Spencer's making that face...not even he knows why.

Owen, Pop Pop and John watching some Thomas the Train DVD's to unwind after the party.

Sweet, sweet cousins.

Happy Birthday Owen and John!

Owen turns 3 years old!

Is this a GLITTER BALL Greta? These are the latest rage among Rockford kids. We got Greta a glitter ball for her birthday, and she got Owen one for his birthday (with fish inside!). She also got me my very own mini glitter ball for my birthday. We are all set on glitter balls around here!

Lots and lots of presents...including Owen's latest obsession, a car transporter.

A poetry book from Aunt Ginny (My Dog May Be a Genius, by Jack Prelutsky), which included a personalized poem written by Ginny. I don't think Ginny will mind if I share (it made me cry when I read it). I must say that we are so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful family.

You're three, You're three
How can that be?
When yesterday
Only two were you

You were two, just two
O' beautiful nephew
Learning to talk and run
Leaping beyond simply one

You were one, just one
And before that none
But a dream for a lad
Your mom and dad had

I can't remember when you were not
In my heart, you hold a special spot
Bigger than you'll ever know'n
Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet, Sweet, Owen

Dinner on the porch with Grandma Brooks. A little quiet time amidst all the partying!

Little Guy

Not so little anymore...but still our "Little Guy."